SHBT Distinguished Lecture Series

April 1, 2020

SHBT Distinguished Lecture Series


Elisabeth Glowatzki


The SHBT community is excited to announce that this year's SHBT Distinguished Lecture Series speaker will be Professor Elisabeth Glowatzki from Johns Hopkins University! Her lecture will take place on Thursday, April 9th 2020, at 4:00pm, in the Meltzer Auditorium (3rd floor) at MEE.  


Professor Elisabeth Glowatzki focuses on synaptic transmission in the inner ear. She uses dendritic patch clamp recordings to examine mechanisms of synaptic transmission of sound or head movement signals from hair cells to nerve fibers. With this technique, she has diagnosed the molecular mechanisms of transmitter release at uniquely high resolution and relate them directly to the rich knowledge base of auditory signaling by single afferent neurons. This approach will help to study general principles of synaptic transmission and specifically to identify the molecular substrates for inherited auditory neuropathies and other cochlear dysfunctions.


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