Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

SHBT is committed to fostering an inclusive environment having a diverse makeup, in which all students, administrators, lab members, researchers, and faculty are treated with dignity, fairness and equity. Differences strengthen our academic and personal growth, and SHBT will continuously work towards a safe, inclusive environment where we can all respectfully express our unique perspectives and individuality.

We are determining how to best increase diversity in our community and how to provide an environment that fosters a feeling of belonging for everyone, regardless of background or disability, and in which all are able to flourish to their full potential. This will include increasing diversity in the student and faculty body, and providing services to support this initiative.

After defining some short-term and long-term objectives, we will form a task force of students, faculty, and others where objectives will be further clarified to increase diversity and to work towards a healthy environment of equity and inclusion.

We will also be active in contributing to and learning from other groups within Harvard, Boston, and other communities with similar interests. Activities will include workshops, educational activities, mentorship and social gatherings to discuss topics of interest for students and faculty.

Diversity and inclusivity is central to the intellectual excellence, experience, and mission that is SHBT and Harvard Medical School. We are dedicated to recruiting and mentoring a community of scholars that reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of our society.

We are committed to expanding the pool of talented students who apply to SHBT. To discuss your choice of the SHBT Program to pursue Ph.D. training, please reach out to SHBT Program Head, Bertrand Delgutte, SHBT Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Heidi Nakajima or SHBT Director of Admissions, Sunil Puria. As well, always available is Sheila Thomas and Karina Gonzalez in the Office of Diversity and Minority Affairs.

Recruitment and Outreach


We invite you to connect with us to learn more about our programs, the admissions process, and how to prepare a strong application. Our travels bring us to campuses, educational events and conferences accross the country. We look forward to meeting you! Click here for our complete travel schedule  


There are many summer internship opportunties for high school and undergraduate students at Harvard.  We've highlighted a few below and a complete list can be found HERE.


The GSAS Research Scholar Initiative is a non-degree granting post-baccalaureate program that provides mentored research and training for individuals interested in pursuing doctoral studies. In the program, research scholars work with a Harvard faculty member as a research assistant, participate in professional development seminars, and receive GRE preparation support. In addition, scholars may take undergraduate and/or graduate coursework in preparation for doctoral studies.