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End of Summer Talks
Organized by the rising G4s, the End of Summer Talks provide the opportunity for rising G2s and G3s to present their ongoing rotation work. Faculty and non-presenting students are all strongly encouraged to attend. Each presenter is given 10 minutes to speak, with 2-3 additional minutes for questions. Coffee and other refreshments are provided throughout the talks, and the event is concluded with a group dinner. As the name suggests, this event typically takes place in the first few weeks of the academic year (mid to late September), allowing all current students and faculty to get to know the incoming G1s. 
midwinter forumMidwinter Research Forum
This event features student research posters and a keynote address by a member of the SHBT faculty. The Forum provides an opportunity for SHBT students to get feedback on their research from faculty and classmates in a friendly, informal setting.  Since the Forum is timed to occur during admissions interviews weekend, it also gives candidates for admission an overview of research activities within SHBT and serves as a recruitment tool. All SHBT students in Year 3 or later are expected to present a poster. Year 2 students are also encouraged to present if interested.  This is not meant to be onerous, so it is fine to reuse a poster you already presented at a conference or use a draft of a poster you are about to present elsewhere. This event takes place during admissions weekend, which traditionally is held sometime in late January or early February.
SHBT Distinguished Lecture Series 
A talk organized by a committee of G2s and G3s in which an invited speaker outside the SHBT faculty gives a lecture on a research topic related Speech and Hearing, Bioscience and Technology. The specific topic varies from year to year so as to cover the diverse research interests of faculty and students ranging across speech, hearing, voice, language, neuroscience and balance. The organizing committee  chooses and invites the speaker in coordination with the program director. The talk is held at the Meltzer Auditorium  (3rd floor, MEEI)  and usually lasts 1.5 hours. This is an opportunity for students to invite and interact with researchers they admire.