Standing Committees

The SHBT Program operates the following committees made up of Facuty, Advisors and Students

Tracking Committee

At the end of each semester, all academic advisors meet as the Tracking Committee to review the academic and research progress of each trainee. It is the responsibility of the Tracking Committee to ensure that each student reaches major Program milestones in a timely fashion.

Chair: Daryush Mehta

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee reviews and approves changes to courses offered to SHBT students, including the adoption of new courses. The curriculum committee includes student representatives.

Chair: Josh McDermott

Student representatives (2021-22): Amanda O’Brien, Christine Liu , Rahul Brito

Admissions Committee 

The Admission Committee defines criteria for admission and reviews applications sent to the SHBT program. The admission committee includes student representatives. 

Chair: Sunil Puria

Students representatives: TBD