Below are the forms you will need as an SHBT Student, along with the deadlines of when they are due.   Please submit all completed forms to the Program Administrator:

Rotation Forms:

At the beginning of the semester:
SHBT 333r and Summer Rotations- Rotation Registration  due at the beginning of the semester:

  • Fall term: September 20
  • Spring term:  February 20
  • Summer term: June 20

At the end of the semester:

Important note to receive credit for your rotation: At the end of the term, write a brief narrative report (approx. 400 words) of your work during the rotation. Have your report signed or endorsed by your Rotation Supervisor. Send to the SHBT Program by the deadline corresponding to the term of enrollment:

  • Fall term: December 10
  • Spring term:  May 10
  • Summer term: August 31

Students should submit their Narrative Report

Advisors should submit their Rotation Advisor Report

Dissertation Advisor Declaration (DAD) Form signed and submitted by May 1 of G2

Plan for Concentration: due June 1 of G2

Request for Oral Examination: due August 31 of G3

Oral Qualifying Examination Report due October 31 of G3

Dissertation Proposal Submission Form due within three months after passing their qualifying exam, no later than Feb of G3 year)

Dissertation Advisory Committee Report DAC meetings should be held at least once during each Fall and Spring term.

Mentor/Trainee Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Guidelines

Individual Development Plan

Travel and Reimbursement Forms

Travel Request Form Submit before travel to a conference, when expenses are to be paid from a travel allowance.

Payment Request Form Submit after travel to a conference, to request payment from a travel allowance.  Submit with original paper receipts, or with a Missing Receipt Affidavit and documentation of expenses.

Student Reimbursement Form For reimbursement of purchases made on behalf of the department, e.g. catering for a department or student event. Submit with original paper receipts, or with a Missing Receipt Affidavit and documentation of expenses.

Missing Receipt Affidavit This form is for reimbursement of expenses without an original paper receipt, including receipts received by email (e.g. airline flight receipts) and online confirmations of charges. Submit with a copy or screenshot of your credit card or bank statement, showing the charge.


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