SHBT 333r, Research Rotation in Speech and Hearing
Each student is strongly encouraged to complete at least two laboratory rotations of two to three months length. These rotations are usually not full-time except during the summer, and generally take place while the student attends classes during the first year. They are designed to provide hands-on experience in different techniques and laboratories, and they serve as a basis for the selection of a dissertation advisor.  
To help students choose labs for rotations, we have designed SHBT 301qc: Speech and Hearing Laboratory Visits which is led by a teaching fellow (see details above).
While not required, well prepared students may choose to do a Fall rotation in G1. Students are encouraged to have done a minimum of two rotations by December 31st of G2. Rotations are required during the summer term of G1. Rotations must be completed and students must have been accepted into a lab by May 1st of G2. 

Host Labs 
Students may rotate in any of the laboratories of affiliated faculty. In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for students to rotate in a non-affiliated laboratory, with explicit permission from the Program Director and the Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

Rotation registration 
Rotation registration forms are due at the beginning of each semester in which a student enrolls in SHBT 333r and also in the Summer term of G1. They need to be submitted to the SHBT Program: by the deadline corresponding to the term of enrollment: 

  • Fall term: September 20
  • Spring term: February 20
  • Summer term: June 20

Rotation report
To receive credit for your rotation, at the end of the term, write a brief narrative report (approx. 400 words) of your work during the rotation. The rotation report should be written much like an abstract for a scientific conference, and address Background/Significance of the project, Methods, Results (including setbacks) and Conclusion/Interpretation. Add a sentence about future plans if appropriate. The report must be signed or endorsed by your Rotation Supervisor (cc’d on email when submitting is acceptable).
Send to: by the deadline corresponding to the term of enrollment:

  • Fall term: December 10
  • Spring term: May 10
  • Summer term: Abstract for End-of-Summer ports serves as a rotation report