End-of-Summer Talks

September 1, 2019

End-of-Summer Talks


Harvard University’s program in
Speech & Hearing
Bioscience & Technology
presents the
2019 SHBT
September 25th, 2019
Meltzer Auditorium,
Massachusetts Eye and Ear


Topics and speakers include:


-Investigating Therapeutic Targets for Regeneration of Cochlear Synapses after Acoustic Injury, Taylor Copeland


-Automated Assessment of Psychiatric Disorders Using Speech: A Systematic Review and a Study on
Depression, Daniel Low


-Hair Bundles and Hearing Loss: Investigating the Effect of Stereocilia Bundle Pathology on Hearing
Loss in the Human and Mouse, Chris Buswinka


-The Cholinergic Basal Forebrain Links Auditory Stimuli with Delayed Reinforcement to Support
Learning, Blaise Robert


-Exploring Cortical and Thalamic Circuits for Orientation Encoding, Wisam Reid


-Investigating the Neural Correlates of Modulation of Perception by Temporal Expectations, Christine Liu


-Neuronal Correlates of Behavior in the Posterior Region of the Striatum in an Auditory Classical Conditioning Task, Sandra Romero


-Speech/Language Impairment or Specific Learning Disability? Explaining the Shift in Educational Labels, Wendy Georgan


-Practice Dosage and a New Paradigm for Facilitating Practice in Speech Therapy, Sarah Gutz


-The Cognitive and Neural Basis of Language Production, Leo Zekelman


-Locating Features of Natural Attention Switches in Novel Auditory Attention Decoding Protocol, Stephanie Haro


-Assessment of Prosodic and Articulatory Interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tanya Talkar


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